Just like that months and months of hard work are over and I am officially finished with my master’s degree! To celebrate, I did one of my favorite things: a weekend trip!

My friend from college is doing an au pair program in the French Alps and I’ve been dying to go see her. With less than two weeks left before I go home for good, I took a long weekend to visit her. We had a blast! I got to see so many beautiful places and catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. What more could you want?!

My first stop on the trip was a 6-hour layover in Amsterdam. Since the layover was so long, I decided to check out the city for a little bit. It’s only about 12 minutes away by train and it’s super simple to get a ticket and get on board. I went pretty early in the day, so not a whole lot was open. But that was fine for me, I was more there for the sights anyway! I walked around for about 2.5 hours before heading back to the airport. If you ever have a long layover at Schiphol airport, I definitely recommend checking out the city!

After this quick jaunt, I took my second flight into Geneva, Switzerland. So my friend lives in France, but the airport in Geneva is much closer! She was wonderful enough to pick me up at the airport and then drive me to the small town of Échenevex, where her host family lives. I love when I get to visit people in other countries because you really get a much better experience and understanding of what live is actually like than when you only stay in cities. Also, I was in four different countries in one day! Crazy!

So for my first day, we went to a town about 45 minutes called Annecy. The drive was beautiful and I saw so many mountains! It was also funny because we had to drive through Switzerland to get to another town in France! Annecy was absolutely beautiful, I could see why it was one of my friend’s favorite places. It’s on a glacial lake in the Alps so the water is crystal clear. The Old Town has all the sights and feels of a classic French town. It was so lovely to get a real taste of France for the first time! We spent a lot of time walking around and then settled in on the lake with a pastry and a bottle of wine. Pure heaven.

The next day we stayed close to Échenevex and did a hike up a “small” foothill behind my friend’s house. (It still looked like a mountain to me!) It was a great hike and the view of the valley from the top was breathtaking. You could see the small French town, the city of Geneva, and the Alps including the massive peak of Mount Blanc. Despite getting a serious sunburn, I really loved this day!

IMG_2539 Finally, on my last day my friend took me around Geneva before dropping me off at the airport. She showed me the United Nations building, the huge water jet in Geneva Lake, and the Old Town. It was so nice to just wander around without a specific itinerary.

This was such a great weekend and I can’t thank my friend enough for having me for the weekend! You’re the best Linds!


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