Hiking the Highlands: Kilpatrick Hills

Sunny days in Scotland are few and far between. So if you wake up to a nice day, you have to seize the moment! And that’s exactly what my friend and I did in early July. We’ve all been bogged down with working on our dissertations, so we needed a break to get back into hiking!

We took a easy jaunt on the train to the Kilpatrick Hills (taking the train for Cumbernald get off at the stop for Kilpatrick). It was a short, cheap trip that let us see some amazing sites without going too far outside of Glasgow. The hills offered beautiful views of the River Clyde and surrounding areas. Usually the walk takes between 3-4 hours. Beware going off path though; you might find yourself in a bog! At one point my foot sunk in up to my thigh and I thought my shoe was a goner! It was all worth it thought for these incredible views:


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