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I’m a twenty-something American who’s finally giving in to her travel bug! I’ve always had the wanderlust, but was lacking in funds and opportunity. But when it came time to choose a grad school, I knew it was time to shake off the dust of my hometown and go exploring. For now, I’ve set my sights on Scotland, but hopefully I get the chance to explore more of Europe as well!

Aside from trips state-side and a brief stint in Ecuador, I’m a pretty amateur traveler.But, I hope to give some advice to new and fellow explorers just by talking about some of my day-to-day experiences of living in a brand new country.

My first adventure traveling in Ecuador. Many more adventures to come!

Things I like: ice cream, dark chocolate, fantasy books, flip flops, morning coffee, dark beer, archaeology, snow, autumn, driving with the windows down on the highway, cats, baking, going to breweries, wearing dresses, flannel, museums, singing, getting letters, watching sunsets, Renaissance faires, Indiana Jones, long car rides where I’m the passenger, American lemonade, being an introvert

Things I don’t like: Time differences, long distance relationships, subways, Scottish weather, gin, spring, waking up early, cooking, pickles and olives, shopping, ironing, Spotify ads, British reality TV, spiders, modern art, people hearing me sing, buying cards, taking pictures of myself, long car rides where I’m the driver, British lemonade, people who don’t understand that I’m an introvert, writing a dissertation, that one spot on Dumbarton road where I always get splashed by water


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